Sand Hill Econometrics has joined forces with Dow Jones VentureSource

Sand Hill Econometrics now provides for VentureSource estimated values for rounds of funding for private companies for which VentureSource has no value, and also estimated values for acquired venture-funded companies for which VentureSource has no value.

These estimates are generated with data such as how much money the company raised in a round, how much it has raised in its history, how much time has elapsed since its first round of funding and its most recent round of funding, industry, the level of the stock market, and more. Estimates are corrected for reporting bias by comparing the values shared with other uncensored sources. These individual estimates are available to VentureSource subscribers.

Sand Hill Econometrics uses known values plus these estimated values to compile the Sand Hill Index, an index of value for venture capital that is the analog of stock market indexes such as the Dow Jones Total Stock Market Index (formerly the Wilshire 5000). The index is constructed to be value-weighted, continuously invested, and free of survivor bias. There are sub-indexes for the major subsectors of venture capital, including software, hardware, biotech, retail, “other”, and cleantech. (Cleantech is not, like the others, a proper subset, but includes companies from the other industry groups.)



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